Next day, we went to Sukosan (near Zadar) that is a beautiful village of Dalmatia in Croatia. Although it is a small village, it is a nice place to visit and enjoy our times there. My dad met his old friend in this village. His name is John Lewis who was settled in Sukosan village with his entire family. My father was really happy while seeing John there. Lewis has a large beautiful house and he compelled us to stay there throughout the trip. We never avoided his love and care so that we accepted to stay in his home.

Sukosan, marina Dalmacija


On the third day of our trip, we leaved from John Lewis’s house and went to Zadar city. It is really a beautiful Dalmatian coast having lots of adventurous activities and water sports with the wonderful yacht experience to every tourist. We had nice yachting and sailing experience there.

Sailing to Zadar


Pula is a striking sea front city in Croatia. Just after Zadar. My mom wanted to sea coastal line and harbours located in this place. So, we went there and amazed about protected harbour, and long beach lined coast regions. My dad rented a catamaran to me to enjoy water sports. After that, he bought a large sized crewed charter. Using it, all we three members enjoyed yachting experience together in Adriatic Sea.

Pula - northern Croatia